Friday, July 6, 2007

Wat is my mind (SINGAPORE)!!

I have stop blogging about 2 week from the day i left to singapore cos my snow was in singapore!!!!!!!!eventually i'm in kl!! I was looking on my phonebook into searching for you (KELLY NG) i keep on asking myself..should i call o shouldn;t i call or call later when i reach there!!myself can;t lets go anything..just go ahead called u in you didn;t pick up the call...I was worried about u the whole night, i can;t sleep well on dat night cos i couldn;t reach u yet!! all the negative sigh came out from my mind of thinking of u!!wat happened!! are she been kidnapped by someone!! I grant my life to exchange you back!! worry n worry!! do u remember my num althose u can always seek help from willing to raise my hand for u!! without you to pay me back in sense of money or body!! I was so scared dat night!! the next day u msg me n told me you're in singapore!! god bless u!! i have been moody, emo n stingy by using my fren as weapon o thingy can fired them from cooling down my pressure!!!haha..i took a nap for 2 hr n i woke up!! now my heart too cold down from busting!! the first things i do is asking myself again, r u so important in my life!! I straight away gave response YES, I DO!! these is no such girl is important than u (KELLY) even my ex;gf!! no 1 can reprensentative u from my heart till the late of my ex;gf !! abit unfair to her rite!!wat to do changes is just apart of our experiences life in past only i will be success in life and stability experience it!!!!!!!!!so u're v v v v very important than myself!! sometimes i don care or bother myself much until i met u!! I noe i have found the right person of me ( is u) nothing much i can do now, just waiting for ur call o sms!! i noe u won;t give me a call directly definately u will msg me dunno when!! i tell my self... I WAITING FOR U!!!!!!!! I hope can give u all the best things in my life to fulfillment ur needs!! I know i can promise u right now for time being but in future wateva u want i can fully support o give u the best things even all my life wat i can support!!!! I when to safari drank wit my dude, trying to sharing our love life, i hope i can gain more knowledgeable from them, cos i have been damm long in MY SINGLE LIFE!! i dunno how to get start my engine of body to make a movement from u!! i need sum superior advice n guidance to right stage in relationship. alot of thingy v shared got happiness and sadness in their love life!! i strong agree to them, but they all older than me should be more truly experienced in love!! now my mentality and morality can be say more intelligient to use!!!haha. yet now i was thinking for to convience by giving me chance!! i really stone here!! my dude or my 'chau tut' buddy was asking me..are you alright!! I say NO!! maybe i too strong feeling wit u in coll nor same goal as in SINGAPORE!!!

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