Friday, July 6, 2007


Today's after i met u n tell u my feeling to you!! i have decided not to go perth!! such stupidity and waste rite!! but i don seemed these is waste bcos i want to be wit the person dat i really LOVE whenever or wherever i goes!! I delayed the flight all bcos of u!!haha bcos of u (i think of kelly clarkson) bcos i haven;t got the chance to meet up wit u since hols! so i postponed to perth to 14th of july!! i was screwed up by my parents, hehe!! i didn't tell u tis nor mentioned to u i been scolded by them!! i know the second person dat gonna screw me is u!! i better not to tell, the best way is blogging here!!add on my daddy admitted into hospital causing by me delayed the flight!!!i can't do anything much bcos of u!! i hope i can meet up wit u have a nice talk from my heart!! yea,,i got the chance just now!!! I was every sadness cos my daddy admitted into hospital causing by me!! i'm really 'bai ka chai' haha!! i keep on telling myself kelly u're worth it for wat i do!! i'm not lying to u!! u really can check wit the hosp the record of my daddy!! maybe u will say i makes up a story telling to convience u or add mark in my probation!! i'm sorry i won;t do dat!! it is true!! I will be back to perth cos i deffered to february later on, i've tink kinda of changes all bcos of u, now u should noe how important is u to me, therefore u must be confident to me!! give me a trust

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