Friday, July 6, 2007

My feeling right now!!

after i have seem and meet her up, telling the truth apart of my heart, i felt myself now being as settle down rather than keep it on much heart even suffering!! I can tell you that my feeling right now even strong than before i seen due to the minutes and the seconds i hugging i was so touch in my heart. I really don expected much that you're gave me a hug at first sigh, maybe u might be shy. you're really shy..very weird in my mind cos you are not simple girl who does give ppl hug!! from tis i start u gain trust from u, cos u won;t simply giving to unknown ppl in future nor u keep telling me!!! OPEN!! wat is meant by OPEN!! open minded girl la duh!!! hehe, i was too happiest in my heart i can take u as grant and i won;t suspect any fishy o u will did something wrongly in way!! I hope i can hug from now until it may last as long, longer n longest from the starting point!! I truly in my heart by saying i won't dissappointed you. I will be forever and ever loving, caring, sharing, holding and falling wit u ever and ever. I know i can't simply by saying I LOVE YOU tis is quite responsible words...its not by saying the words to the girl exspecially u LOVE HER bcos girl will always take it as serious therefore cannot dissappointed hurting her or given hope to her nor refuse the words as u being told her. being as guy must really responsibility to wat he already say at first only u will be successful in love. I noe is not easy to convience girl to have commitment wit them cos it takes sometimes, yet i kept asking her for the chances, hence i must really give her time for consideration. hopefully in tis 3mths as probation i won't dissappointed her by doing wat i should and shouldn't. I also must understanding the consequences that I can't forcing her to love or giving me some hope, but she couldn't refuse from giving ppl to loved her. Now i'm seating rite in font of my notebook here clock's 4.20 morning, I still think about u nonstop even planning for our future!!u might think that i abit 'siao' or 'chau-tut' here, maybe i kinda of guy who is don break the rules!! i will be more faithful wit u n even last (KELLY I REALLY LOVE U) am not kidding!!the truth n forever n ever!!

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