Thursday, July 12, 2007


fall in sick, planning to her..but my throat was badly infected wit virus!! so i makes my mind not to call her at tis time!! i doesn't call her doesn't mean i din miss u at all, i do miss u!! i'm in sick, i didn't got enough sleep i still updating our blog here instead of doing nothing n wasting my time, i should take more rest rather blogging.. seriously i can't bcos my snow is on u!! like ice on u and good explaination is these is a mountain there waiting for u to calm up due to my sick, i must fast fast recover but i lazy go see doctor n i dislike to eat those medicine cos it really yucky taste, i try take a dos of cough syrup whereby my house got keep stock for dat, for emergency use and to take care of other family member, the syrup causes me sleepy, the things is i damm semangat to blogging here maybe addicted to our blog..hehe!!:D i don feel my sick were very serious eventually it is serious till know my voice like hell!! i think i should go see doctor instead of suffering!! then hor at tis time i looked at my phone, shit 32 missed call and 5messages!! wth is goin on, so i decided to read the msg before call those fren who were calling me!! i read all 5 messages, my fren asked me to return call to them!! another msg is they called me to go movie n they bought my ticket!! ohhh my goodness, i'd promised them to watch movie wit them today, but i fall in sleep tis whole evening!! another call ringing now, i picked fren (shuyee) 1 of my bf among all, she is my close n close bf..anything can share listening my voice, she asked me wat happened to me!! i can't even give response to her, she shouted at me!! dan r u ok? she really scared now!! i decided not to talk to her n msg her!! she replied me will be reaching my house in 15mins time for bring me to see doc..then i replied her, i'm not free cos blogging here no time to enetertain her at all!! her reply to me is treating me as ur bf, then in the msg i replied r u threatening me!!omg y i say so in the msg, gosh my sick is very serious get me in brain distornance..she replied me fine!! i dun want cares u anymore, after 10mins my door bell ring..i go opened the door for her, she said i tot u not treated me as ur fren anymore!! i tell her pls me finish my blog 1st then only v talk!! she is staring at me, while sit on my bed!! she was very scary, i better stop blogging listen up to her n go see doc.. will continue whn am back!! I MISS U KELLY

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