Wednesday, July 11, 2007


well, today's i'm super duper happy cos can listen up her voice when i called her!!the conversation not dat long but enough for me, i didn't expect much jus by listen her voice more than enough..i couldn't spend more time to chit chat wit her, i need to settle down my enrollment subject wit my other friends, it is important bcos v must be very smart to choose the right group of fren who is really study type to ensure them coperative or giving sum secure neither protection dat when u seek for group member by doing assignment!! tis brounches of fren is really hardworking and very easy to get wit knew them damm well and their chracteristic of personality, all is my previous group member of sumother subject.. they is nice, helpful and knowlegable when right time is doing right things on research for sources, and i dun need to worry them, whereas their doing the right way of wat is needed and requirement for the assignment!! not doing rubbish, b4 tis when i started my 1st sem in metro.. i was damm regreted to joined wit 1 indian bitchy girl and 1 more fella chindian, they are not doing anything, end up they said they will do so i putting my trust to them!! all the while i need to chase them up ask for every single part they doing..they didn;t even put any effort on dat particular assignment!! at least do sumthing relevant so i can easy to help them to correct the mistakes!! nvm, then next day is our group presentation, i need to rush for the whole ppt..skip 1 tutorial n spent whole day whole night do the ppt for them cos the report can submit later!! i finished the ppt called them, i sent it to them..tell them wat they should present n which part!! i covered whole body of contain both of them jus covered intro n conclusion!!my life is hell, cos next day is my another presentation..i haven';t get myself prepare!!god can u guide me sum fastest way can fly..after everything!! turn for submission of report another hell, report i do myself..unfortunately the assignment does not have tis peer evaluation if not i beg both of u, die on my hand!!i promised myself i won;t have tis repeating mistakes n must be very choosy for group edi in future!!jus forget about the past the important is future, look forward!! enrollment settled,now am thinking ur voice against while drinking session (yum-cha-ing), then i think is worth it..i do everything for u!! lastly i love u kelly maybe u think i might be got psychology problem in my short period can put so much hope on u by loving, missing n caring u.. i can tell i'm not!! i really do

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