Friday, July 13, 2007

unexpected msg

just recovered from sick!! the medicine makes me felt sleepy..when the time i was on bed my phone ringing for incoming msg, so i go and read the msg, nevertheless u will send me msg, nvr even expected at all! she asked me weather i got take captone for next sem!! haha..i do! pity she bcos captone class is full cause the lecturer are 1 of the part time lecturer, only will be conducted consultation twice a week!! 1 lecturer and 1 tutorial every week, nothing more than dat!! hehe..too bad for her bcos late to signing up for enrollment!! i think she is also try to wait for her result to make any judgement before get herself trouble by withdraw and re-enrol!! time is real short, she got 2 more sem in metro included summer!! i left out from her is 1 sem diff which mean i total got 3 more sem to go!! i dun care wateva is it.. these is no seperation between us!! after dat i was busy-ing wit my other stuff too!! at night time i'd msg her to go yumcha wit me!! then she asked wer to yumcha!! i replied yumcha lor, the next msg she said want to go sleep, wth..haihs luckily i didn't go yumcha wit u!! i need to settle down my stuff wit my daddy also!! i told him di tml i'm not goin to fly go perth!! i straight away kena screw up kao kao!! i noe is too late for my decision bcos of tis i kena screwed!! di ask me wat happened!! u noe wat? i said i met a girl which is my future!! she's kelly!! omg..y i so daring at tis moment, i shouldn't tell them the truth!! wat to do, love u must really take out the risk no matter wat!! hehe, i think i should stop here, cos kena screwed jus now, better take a nap to isolate myself 1st!

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