Sunday, July 15, 2007


totally got no time blogging for yesterday bcos 1 of my bestfriend going perth whereby i supposing follow him the same day n same flight!! i decided not to go, the reason is..i think u should know better than me rite..wat my main purpose for it!! haihz lost 1 bestfriend already, now go college not meaningful as last time, if got him then at least got sum1 really can talk wit n yumcha-ing even clubbing!! our friendship have ben seperated liddat..need to wait for couple of month, also a good thingy phone now can be more silent witout him..nobody like him so crazy called ppl midnight tea time!! really miss those kinda of day!! hope he can do well in perth..good luck and all the best my dear fren, see u soon!! next round v will b in the same flight n same day..haha!! hope u can adopt to the living style there, from wat i know now is winter..jus enjoy ur life lah!! such a silly thingy v did yesterday hope u can keep it as our last memorable for future..keke :D Sorry kelly for yesterday cause i got no time to get myself online for our blogging here!! wat to do my bestfriend leaving us so must company him whole night n day add on KLIA, sleepless for yesterday nearly met an accident while i'm driving back home tis morning, luckily i can get myself safety back home if not i couldn't update our blog today!! i did call u jus now, n u didn't answering well u msg back, at dat time i took my shower i couldn't get myself to call u back on time!! after i done wit my shower i did call u, but u didn;t pick up too!! haihz!!ok la, gtg stop here need to recharge myself not enough sleep and sleepy!! take care, luv u

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