Monday, July 16, 2007

Missing u....(KELLY)

All my days, n all my nights,
are lonely without u my heart.
only thou art can come and soothe,
this always so throbbing and cribbing article..

darkness doesn seem to subside,
if only u could be by my side.
wat falacies and betrayals, look in my eyes,
my love for u will shove them aside.

itz too long a wait,
my eyes are too tired now,
only if u could give them rest,
come and kiss away the pain.

this restless soul, looks for u,
hither, then thither.oh!
do not punish me so.
look a poet u have created besides.

countless places have i wandered,
friends n foe, all seem alike.
the world doth seek vengenance,
n i simply look, standing aside.

the feel is blue, though not new,
whence did i care for someone so.
let our song recieve its reward, this solitary soul,
at thy mercy.

scorned i have been, dejected more so.
yet hope doth give me false solace.
our love rises over the complications that shows,
upon this earth, as it revolutes.

must i know wat comes that shows us as aparts,
the solution lies in this heart, herein.
countless more pleading wilt i do,
thyself is all that i have ever to ask.

the birds are not singing,
they hide in their nests.
the flowers have stooped blooming,
the fragrance all lost.

nature doth pleads u,
it ogres ur smell.
it seems to question me,
whence wilt thou be back.

i stand in this desert, alone,
come forth and take me away.
away to the lands of mighty love,
where only love would be resident.

this heart is an ocean of love,
take thy part away.
let the pain vanish in thin air,
and thus make our life's preapared.

see this recital of emotions,
has wandered to wreckage.
it started with magnificiance,
and is lost to trance.

it has meandered from top to bottom,
personifying the mountains and lowly lands.
trance i say, as it means absurd now,
but speaks in terms of love still.

this story would reiterate,
all my ages along.
maybe thou shall fell the exuberance, i
n this birth or thy next.

ending this feels so rotten,
feelings betray me to do so.
but absurdly i end this recital here,
signifying the story which broke apart. (KELLY)