Sunday, July 8, 2007


supposingly yesterday v already sat to go santuacy end up she didn;'t reply my msg on time and i'd call her but no response from her phone meant she not picking the call!! yet she told me, she just woke up around 11 something!! after dat i have the voice conversation wit her on phone v chatted about SPA about half an hour liddat out of sudden she say she want go take shower, actually for the smart ppl like me will suspect sumthing, cos too rush suddenly she say want to take shower, u think u will believe anot, sure "NO" rite!! i might think the negative view of point, it is someone calling her??? she did promised me will call me back after her shower!! such crappy cos she didn't call her back!! i was very dissappointed wit her again n against!! my heart was so painful, i push all my date all got to do wit her n wait till mid of the night@!!nvm la, i think i should be more patient instead of too care about her!! cos v all still haven't got any commitment yet for wat matured thinking of me!! but is pain too!!haha..when u think back, where to find the "soh lo" like me!! about12.30 my friends called me where i am now? i said at home!! they jet me go hartmas for drink!! end up i also followed them to hartamas go to tis place called 'blackhole' the place was very classy n alot chun chick chill there!! then v get a seat for 12 pax cos need to wait for another 2 couple as well..8 of us seated in the font table wit whole brunch of chun chick, my fren was making a move getting to know them n go for intro among all of us!! i didn't have much reaction at there cos i was think of (kelly) dat time n waiting for her call!! such dissapointed again, haihs i try to makes myself to get drunk n crazy!!all of my fren asked me wat wrong wit u tonite? yet i dun bother them at all by saying i want go back edi d!! i reach home about 4 plus in the morning!! i can't sleep at all!! my heart refused to even more pain now!! so i asked myself not to think of her anymore!! but i can;t!! weaknesses of me!! received a call from my fren angelyn, she said dan i damm down right now, can u company me go for a drink!!then my response to her is i too tired lazy to go out from hse!!lazyness will cause ppl in trouble, she have to come all the way in tropicana n fetch me!! after awhile she reached outside of my hse, then i go yumcha wit her until 6 plus!! she cried nonstop..omg i also have my own problem, so v sama same cry!! haha, luckily i still strong still can gave some advice for her, she's now ok edi!! my turn she asked me wat happened!! my brain-jamming!! i didn;t tell her anything at all!! wat my response is send me back home!! haha..then i fall in sleep in her car!! she wake me up then i when in my hse took shower n have the well sleep not to think anymore!!

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