Saturday, July 7, 2007

careless mistakes

wat is on her mind now? i really want to know, wheather see trying to escape from me althose she scared from me!! can anyone tell me, i'm lost now..pls help me, survive me, i need ur help!! i really don mean to scare u at the 1st place, i really want you know wat i felt in my heart by telling truth, being as true i think is no harmful, but it might scare her, i guess abit scary lah when think back last nite, i noe i shouldn't but the situation forced to be!! wateva is it, i don mind to apologize to u by saying sorry!! i'm sorry (kelly)..i beg i won't repeating the same mistakes again!! i've regret when i try to call u, cos u didn;t pick my call, i noe something goes wrongly!!pls accept my apologize!! "I"M SORRY KELLY"...i know is too fast to tell u truth i should spend more time in blogging here without action!! maybe my action is too stingy all for my own good never even care of u at all!! I scared i got no time to tell the truth, i scared i will regret later on, i can't lie to myself cos i'm not liar!!hehe..hope u can be more understanding in my situation!! being as lover, it hard to interpret or decribes how the love is being in my heart!! due to my careless mistakes

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