Monday, July 9, 2007

i am not feeling well today.. physically and mentally..


i am just feeling down and no mood..
this feeling is exactly the same like when i was in KDU she so important to me.
it came is not a bad thing. but it just promotes negative thinking..
makes me thinking of negative site of everything.. and no longer optimistic..
i once had this kind of feeling..where i wanted to isolate mysef and didnt feel like talking to anyone.. didnt want to socialise with others.. moody.. and..there was no LoVe in me..
there was no Feeling in me..and there was no emotional either..
ppl kept giving me love but i didnt seem to appreciate them.. i admit..i wasnt a good boy.. but i was absolutely a typical descent guy in everyone's eyes.. to me..
i think i was a faker.. sorry..i felt so guilty now.. so sorry......

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