Saturday, July 21, 2007


i think I'm suffering hypersomnia ,a type of sleep disorder that makes me sleep a lot and very difficult to wake in the morning. The difference between hypersomnia and insomnia is that, hypersomnia refers to either excessive sleepiness during the day or extended, overly long periods of nighttime a 'hyperactivist', it's hard for me to get myself to sleep, at times it will takes me few hours on the bed before i can fall asleep completely. this has made me very very frustrated. i'm not able to fell asleep through out the whole night and by the time i managed to sleep; i would not wake up on time in the morning.most people wouldnt understand that - why is it so hard for me to get up from the bed, believe me, my body does not intentionally refuse to wake up, i just can't make myself off the bed.i had tried many tricks in order to wake up on time.such as 4 alarm clocks around me and even pre-set my cdplayer in order to turn on itself at certain time with real loud volume. it didnt work on me.i could just enjoy my sweet dreams and carry on sleeping. in addition to that, what's more amazing is that, when someone talk to me while i'm asleep, i can even answer their question or talk to them. and worst, if someone try touching/moving me in order to wake me up, i would just laid my fist on his face without myself realizing it.i think i should consult a doctor as soon.

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